Home Recordings (2018-2021)

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Label: Hive Mind Records

Release Date: 16 September 2022

“Hive Mind are thrilled to be working with Yara Asmar and to bring you this wonderful debut album of music she recorded at home on cassettes and a mobile phone over the past few years. On it you’ll hear her play a range of instruments including the piano, her grandmother’s old accordion, the metallophone, synth, and various deconstructed and disassembled toy pianos and music boxes. You’ll also hear her field-recordings of hymns sung in churches around Lebanon which Yara has turned into waltzes. These beautifully melodic works contain recognisable elements of classical music wrapped in layers of tape hiss, synth wash, reverb and delay and disturbed by the metallic percussive sounds of the dissembled music boxes. The atmosphere of melancholy that pervades the album should be familiar to anyone living in the 21st Century.”